Opportunities to help in 2014

Many volunteer opportunities exist to help with the Bountiful Basket food shelf. It is our intent to accommodate your interest in assisting in a timely and efficient manner. The Bountiful Basket presently has 4 volunteer coordinators; Linda Frey (volunteers), John Myhr (food/warehouse), Jeri Glander (front desk/office) and Rebecca MacKenzie (communications).  In order for you to volunteer we do require you to fill out the appropriate paper work and to be inserviced as necessary for the volunteer position you will be working at.

The Bountiful Basket Food Shelf of Eastern Carver County is 100% volunteer managed and operated.  We would very much appreciate your help.  Please call us at 952-556-0244 or obtain a form online.

Volunteer Ideas!

+  Stock shelves.  +  Take customers through store.  +  Unload donations and deliveries.   +  Work the front desk in  answering phones and greeting clients.   +   Work in the community garden.  +  Be a Bountiful Basket Board member. + Help with cleaning the facility each Thursday.

Due to the nature of a food shelf the easiest way for groups to volunteer is to actually conduct a food drive.  Thank you for your interest in helping!



   Bountiful Basket Volunteer Application