Transforming food shelves into friendly places with healthy food: A University of Minnesota initiative and article. 

Bountiful Basket was recently highlighted in an article written in the “Dear Minnesota” section of the University of Minnesota website for their collaboration with the U of M Extension department to become “SuperShelf Certified.”  

This program transforms food shelves into friendly places with healthy food through reorganization of the location of food groups, creation of legible, multi-lingual signage, and offering appealing and attractive food and environments. They called it “a Minnesota-led revolution bringing food shelf shoppers new respect, autonomy, and better nutrition”.  Supershelves not only bring respect but offer the freedom for clients to make their own food choices. 

The article features several photos of the Bountiful Basket, volunteers and staff team members presenting the new look and experience we launched in 2023. Bountiful Basket became SuperShelf certified in July of 2023 and is one of 57 certified Minnesota food shelves with more than 30 others in the process. 

The article also provides compelling stats for the increase in the need for food shelves throughout the state. One of nine of our Minnesota neighbors experiences food insecurity. Food shelf visits across the state are up between 232% to 253%!

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