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On Site Volunteer Opportunities:


  • Front Desk Receptionist – Greet shoppers, answer phones and schedule appointments.
  • Client Assistance – Assist and be a friendly presence to individuals as they shop at Bountiful Basket. Great way to meet shoppers as well as fellow volunteers.
  • Mobile Food Packing – Help pack mobile food orders. Deliveries made the first and third Tuesday of each month to community residents as well as the second Wednesday of each month to senior apartment buildings.
  • Warehouse/Shelf Stocking – Sort and organize incoming donations. Ensure that food shelf shelves remain fully stocked. Break down cardboard boxes and bring to recycling bin.
  • Food Rescue – Pick up donated food from local grocery stores in Chaska and Chanhassen. Light lifting required.

    Questions? Contact volunteer@bountifulbasketfoodshelf.org


    Organize a food and/or fund drive at your place of work, congregation, school, etc.

    Assist Bountiful Basket Food Shelf in their marketing and communicating efforts. Graphic design and video work greatly appreciated!

    Participate in our annual fundraisers, MN FoodShare March Campaign, Give to the Max Day and “Neighbors That Care – Share.”

    “Volunteering not only helps those who are in need of food assistance but it also goes a long way in making you feel good about yourself for being kind and giving back.”

    Volunteer by filling out online Information Form below or download PDF and fill out by hand.

    Bountiful Basket Food Shelf Online Volunteer Information Form

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Bountiful Basket Food Shelf of Eastern Carver County. We will be contacting you soon and will also add you to our e-mail list to keep you informed of happenings.


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    Bountiful Basket Food Shelf of Eastern Carver County is a Non-profit 501c (3) and requires all volunteers to pass a background check prior to working with guests. Please complete the information listed below.
    MM slash DD slash YYYY

    Answering ‘yes’ to the following questions does not constitute automatic bar from volunteering at Bountiful Basket. Factors such as the date of offense, seriousness, nature of the violation, and rehabilitation, will be taken into account.
    Have you ever pled “guilty” or “no contest” to, or been convicted/charged with a federal crime or felony offense?(Required)
    Have you ever been known by any other name(s) in the last 7 years? If yes, please identify:
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    Confidentiality is basic to the maintenance of professional ethics and community respect. Clients act in good faith, expecting their circumstances and personal matters to remain confidential. We are obligated by law and ethics to maintain confidentiality.

    The following information is presented to provide guidelines concerning confidentiality.

    1. Information and details about a client may be discussed among Bountiful Basket programs for clinical purposes only. That is, cases may be discussed in staffing, supervisory and clinical meetings in order that cases may be more appropriately managed.
    2. No identifying information about a client (name, address) should be revealed except within Bountiful Basket.
    3. Records kept on clients are used only for case management and not for general perusal. Other agencies requesting the records of a given client must obtain a release of information from the client. In no case are records automatically sent to another person or agency without first receiving this release of information from the client or legal guardian.
    4. Discussing the details of a case outside Bountiful Basket even though names and addresses are not revealed is a breach of confidentiality.
    5. Confidentiality must be maintained even when a case has been made public through the news media.
    6. Volunteers will have access to client information only as authorized by staff. All volunteers will follow the confidentiality policy as outlined.

    I, the undersigned, understand and agree to the above policy, and am aware that any breach of confidentiality warrants reprimand and/or dismissal.

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